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Social Campaign

Aimed at the young and schooling crowd, a TikTok dance challenge and competition was created to entice our target demographic within their preferred platform.

The brand awareness campaign for Levono’s IdeaPad series looks to build and increase brand familiarity while creating high engagement with targeted student demographic.

Smash Hit Strategy

Aside from the obligatory edgy visuals and catchy refrains, the theme of multifaceted personal identity is universal, timeless, and psychologically tried-and-tested.

To further incentivise engagement, participants of the challenge stood a chance to win Levono laptops, accessories and cash prizes. The campaign spurred a profusion of user-generated content which furthered publicity coverage, snaring the campaign a cool number of 6.1 billion views.  

Colour-coded visuals shows viewers the diversity of IdeaPad device variants within a glance.

The narrative and character also encourages the individual viewer to explore the different ideas, different perspectives, different sides of themselves … with the promise of being the right device for bringing your ideas to life.

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