Do Great Things
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Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System Event

Product Launch 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a hotly anticipated product, must be in want of a splashy debut party.

Aside from live product demonstrations and a dramatic reveal of the OS interface, the occasion was peppered with amusing diversions like food and drink, face painting, photo booths, with celebrity guests like rapper Shigga Shay, DJ Nicole Chen, YouTuber Tan Jian Hao and more.

To further up the hype, Windows products were raffled to lucky audience members too!

Smash Hit Strategy

“Do Great Things” aptly encapsulates the essence of the new Windows 10 features — each and every one component was carefully designed to enable the user to do something great.

Feeding off the excitement from the global anticipation of Windows 10, our “Do Great Things” event was designed to bring Windows fans together in a hopeful climax where they come away feeling empowered to do more in their everyday, armed with their new tool, Windows 10.


340 Guests 

29 Regional Media

22 Singapore-Based Media

37 Stories

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