Citizen Of TMRW 

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Lenovo Experimental Showcase

Rebranding Campaign

Citizens of TMRW is an award-winning experiential event that celebrates the innovations of today and inspires the imagination for tomorrow. The event showcases dynamic products, onsite contests and cool giveaways and great prizes.

Smash Hit Strategy

To incite revolutionary change about the way Levono laptops are perceived, we embarked on creating a drastically ultra-modern concept event.

A key episode of the event comprises a futuristic microsite simulation of what laptops would be like in the future. Interactive pages allowed participant to create designs like headphones that resembled floating surround sound orbs, flexible, sensory keyboards and other predictions of technology in the next millennia.

Participants could also opt in to submit designs and win prizes for their contributions toward Levono’s future R&D. The competition was held in 11 countries with considerably successful turnout.

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