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In a brazen launch operation, we initiated a partnership between Warner Music Group’s Jasmine Sokko and Lenovo’s Legion.

The result is the wonderfully soaring, polyphonic-yet-lyrical track, “FUTURE TENSE” for the Legion x70 campaign launch and its accompanying three part YouTube series. The series showcases Sokko’s song creation process and how using a Legion Slim 7i laptop streamlines the production process.

The track launched Legion x70 with a musical bang, garnering a total of 5.9 million views since its launch in May 2022.

Smash Hit Strategy

To expand the existing loyal customer base, we tapped into the audience of an existing Key Opinion Leader (J. Sokko) within our desired target clientele (Gen-Zers, creators, trendsetters).

We also wished to show how the high performance tech-specs of a Legion laptop could be utilised by more than just gamers, but also creators like Jasmine. Sokko’s dichotomy between her public and private personas makes her the perfect candidate to embody the duality and transferable features that Legion offerings can boast. 



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